Living in the Light

Katarina Tilley MBSR MAR

Qualified Holistic Practitioner - Reflexologist - Reiki Master
Meditation Tutor - Mindfulness Based Awareness Coach

Katarina Tilley

Personal Coaching & Group Coaching

Awareness.  Freedom.  Fulfillment.

 Each of us are born with greatness within.  

It is up to us to unleash it.

Are You Ready To Release your Inner Potential?

You can live life on your own terms.

Coaching may facilitate transformation of your personal and work related issues. Coaching can help you when you are at a cross-roads in your life, such as career changes, relationship issues, wellness matters, wherever you are wishing to make changes or personal growth and need support in reaching your goals.   

 Coaching and mindfulness work very well together.  Mindfulness Based Awareness Coaching (MBAC) is a holistic method of coaching, which has its foundation in mindfulness and awareness. It uses the V.GROWTH model.

With this model you will explore your vision, goals, current reality, obstacles and opportunities, will & way (action plan), task force (review) and happy hour (celebration).

A very important factor in this work is the working with your conditioning.  Your conditioning is like a computer programme that governs your actions, based on beliefs, that you have acquired from your parents, teachers and society at large.

Some of your conditioning is positive, which is very helpful to you, however your negative conditioning, is what holds you back. These are the obstacles that stand in the way of your goals. When the conditioning is in place, it becomes 'your reality', even though it may not necessarily reflect the truth.

We will work together to discover, your automatic thought patterns that play out in your mind, to enable, you to see through them. I will 'hold up the mirror', so that you can see more of your yourself, as you truly are, without the filters of your conditioning (past history).

Together we will discover your opportunities and the way forward, implement an action plan, for you to work with, to help you reach your goals.

Coaching, directs you forward with openness and joy, to life's endless possibilities. It can help release you from the illusory limitations, that may currently be running your life, to enable you to live a more positive and fulfilling life - the life that you choose.

You can select a One-to-One Programme or participate in a Group Programme, whichever most suits your needs. Both coaching programmes run for 10 weeks and you will be supported in discovering more of your inner potential.

Both coaching programmes are designed to be transformational and clients often report a release of beliefs that are holding them back and more ease and joy in their lives.

Transformation is possible ... you select the programme ...

personal coaching & group coaching in colchester

One-to-one coaching programme

Cost of each 1½ hour session £90.

Group coaching programme

Cost of each 1½ hour session £75. Minimum 3 people.

You can find course related information such as dates, on the Calendar page.

Contact Katarina today if you would like more information or if you would like to embark upon a coaching programme or session.