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Qualified Holistic Practitioner - Reflexologist - Reiki Master
Meditation Tutor - Mindfulness Based Awareness Coach

Katarina Tilley

Mindfulness Meditation

Life exists in this moment

Awaken.  Live.  Be.

Mindfulness Meditation is growing in popularity, as an increasing amount of people today are feeling the effects modern day-to-day living and are looking to find a solution to their stress. Mindfulness meditation has for some time now, been researched by scientists and the findings point to positive structural changes in the brain, with tangible effects.  

Science has proved that the application of mindfulness meditation for 20 minutes daily for 6 - 8 weeks can stabilise and calm your emotions and uplift your mood, gain a more positive outlook on life and increase your overall well-being amongst other things.

Meditation is an ancient eastern spiritual practice that may help relax a busy mind. It is a wonderful tool to begin your journey into a more peaceful way of living your life. In truth it is a way of being. With regular practice your whole approach to life can become more mindful and more meditative. Mindfulness meditation may change your entire perspective on life.  You may gain relaxation, increased concentration and productivity, clarity of mind, intuition, self-awareness, improved connection with others, contentment and inner peace.

This calming approach to life may also improve your wellbeing, help you sleep better and reduce pain. Research has demonstrated that meditators are happier people due to its positive effect upon mood. The stillness of meditation may restore your mind and body, in due course.

By participating in a mindfulness meditation course you may also begin to see the habitual thought patterns of your mind, with greater clarity, which may enable you to break free from disempowering thoughts. These thoughts often become beliefs and then end up running your life. Mindfulness meditation has the potential to enable you to begin to live your life more fully, in the present moment - the only moment we ever have.

Meditation is a means to awaken to the truth of who you are.

Eight Week Mindfulness Meditation Course

This eight week mindfulness meditation course consists of 2 hour classes in a group setting, in which we will explore different types of meditations.  

We start with a guided mediation, proceed with many mindfulness meditations including the loving kindness meditation, which follows on to self-inquiry and we complete the course with the Pure Awareness meditation.

Part of this course is, understanding what mindfulness and meditation are, how to recognize the present moment and living in the NOW instead of reliving the past or pre living the future.  You will receive guidance and assistance in implementing mindfulness and meditation in your daily life.  

This course is focused on the individual, so that you gain what you need, from the course, in order to improve the quality of your life. 

Cost of meditation course £185 if paid by start of course or £25 per week, a total of £200.

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Monthly Meditation Practice Group

Upon completing the above eight week mindfulness meditation course you will be able to continue to build and deepen your meditation practice, by joining this monthly meditation and mindfulness group. If you are a regular meditator already then you are also welcome to join this group.

Our meditation group, is up-held by the energy of unity consciousness.  Here you will be met with warmth, support, non-judgment, understanding and a real feeling of unconditional love, by the entire group.  

The topics vary from month to month and they enable us all, to practice our spiritual values in our day-to-day lives.  There is much emphasis on how to make spiritual values a reality by their application in achievable ways.

Our meditation group is unique in that all sessions seem to contain a wonderful blend of seriousness and much laughter, as each of the participants works on their issues and their negativity is transformed into lightness and joy, as time goes by.  It is truly beautiful to see a individual blossoming into true greatness.  

In seriousness and in laughter, we come together as one, transcending individuality and instead experience the tangible Reality of Oneness.

This meditation group recognises and values all real spiritual teachings.  The core of all true spiritual teachings, have the same aim: oneness.

Cost £8 per 2 hour session.

1 Day or Half-day Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

I am able to design mindfulness meditation workshops, to cater for your group's needs and provide these at your venue, within approximately a 20 mile radius of Colchester.

Contact Katarina for more information.

Meditation CDs

Due to popular demand I now offer 4 meditation CDs to assist you with your meditation, which are available for purchase. They all consists of an introductory talk and are as follows: Meditation CD 1 consists of the 3 Minute Breathing Space, Secret Garden Guided Meditation, Body Awareness Meditation, Meditation CD 2 consists of the Mindfulness of Breath, Listening meditation and mindfulness of a Raisin, Meditation CD 3 consists of the Loving Kindness (Metta) Meditation and Set Yourself free meditation and Meditation CD4 consists of the Self-Enquiry Meditation and Pure Awareness Meditation.

Cost of each the meditation CDs is £6.99 or £25 for the four CDs, plus postage and packaging.

A Gentle Journey to Awakening Booklet

A Gentle Journey to Awakening is a workbook that contains 36 Awakening Moments, to help you inquire, into your own truth. To live an awake life, we must see through all of our patterns, so with this in mind, each picture in the booklet has a clear yet gentle awakening message, for you to reflect on and put into practice.

This workbook encourages you to work through your current disempowering thoughts and beliefs. It is designed to spring you forward, to your own awakening. If you have already awakened then it will encourage you to go deeper and to look at what draws you back into unnecessary suffering.

This booklet is designed to encourage you to question, think, see and reflect in a new way, to gain your own direct experience, of the Truth.

By using the booklet as part of your daily life, it has the potential to free you from the illusions of your mind. It is only by actually doing the work yourself that you will realize the Truth of what you are.

Cost of booklet £5.99.

Meditation and Mindfulness - articles and research

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