Living in the Light

Katarina Tilley MBSR

Qualified Holistic Practitioner - Reflexologist - Reiki Master
Meditation Tutor - Mindfulness Based Awareness Coach

Katarina Tilley


Reflexology Treatments

Relax. Enjoy. Refresh.

Reflexology has come a long way since its early roots in ancient civilizations. Today reflexology is a very popular complementary therapy, due to its wonderful relaxing attributes.

It is a known fact that poor health normally starts with a feeling of dis-ease within the being - either in the mind, body or emotions. Taking time out to relax, can be a first step towards improved well-being. With that in mind, people often choose reflexology to relieve their built-up stress and to bring them back to a more harmonious internal state.

The benefits of Reflexology are many and include the potential to reduce your tension, induce relaxation in you and as such, release your everyday stress, improve your mood and sleep and provide you with a general sense of well-being, amongst other things. Clients often report feeling deeply relaxed and yet revitalized, after a treatment.

During your first visit, I take a consultation, to gain the information that I need to best help you achieve your goal.

Treatments are carried out with you lying back on a comfortable couch, whilst I am working the reflex points in your feet.

It is a lovely relaxing experience. Come and try it for yourself.

Cost of treatment £35.

Gift vouchers are available for purchase.

Contact Katarina today if you would like more information or if you would like to book an appointment.